#75 The Mystic Order of Elder Gods Fez

elder-god If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em… or at least form an organization to worship them in the hope to be first in line for the Great Devouring. As you may have noticed I enjoy designing new fezzes for the various events we take part in. So you can imagine my excitement when we made plans to be part of the H P Lovecraft Film Festival. Not only is this an event that takes place at the Warner Grand, one of the last remaining Art Deco movie palaces in our area, it also celebrates the incredibly influential writing of H P Lovecraft, the master of weird fiction. My older brother was an avid reader of horror, sci-fi and fantasy novels and being an artist, I would often borrow the ones with the most intriguing covers. That clearly had a huge impact on my delicate sensibilities. For this new take on a Cthulhu themed fez I decided to go a bit more literal with the imagery, taking my cues from the short description Lovecraft gives for the napping Elder God and bypassing his personal sketch of a more alien creature. Since even a rendering of Cthulhu is said to drive the viewer insane, I figure it is unlikely that a secret society would run around with his image emblazoned on their foreheads. Of course if they were already insane, then it is unlikely they would be able to competently describe what Cthulhu looks like to their graphic designer. Either way I have an excuse to play with the octopus shaped head and rudimentary wings that have made Cthulhu such an imposing concept. Perhaps next year I will attempt to tackle the extra eyes that appear in the sketch HPL sent to his editors. We’ll have a small batch of these high-profile fezzes with us at the film festival this weekend and we’ll be posting them to the web site next week. If you can’t make the show, don’t worry, we will be making more of these in the future.
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