#73 The Official SIR! Fez

SIRThis week’s fez is a special project for filmmaker and internet iconoclast Kevin Smith! Way back in May I had the honor of being interviewed by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on the Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs show on the debut week of the Smodcast Internet Radio Network. We were chosen as the sponsor of the day and the guys called me up to talk fezzes. Needless to say the topic of an official SIR! Fez came up and before I even got off the phone we were getting requests to make this happen. Well after far too many delays we are proud to present the Official SIR! fez! That’s right, we are setting up to make these for all the Smodcast fans out there that are looking to get their fez on! Just follow this link and you will be able to reserve your very own SIR! fez today! Production will begin in the next two weeks on a first ordered, first made basis. If you are interested in hearing me struggle with audio delay as I attempt to keep up with Smith and Mewes you can listen to the interview on Episode #003 here. (The call happens around the 2hr 10min mark - be prepared for some NSFW questions) and if you want to hear Kevin talk about receiving the fez you see here listen to the 33min mark of Plus One Per Diem episode #66. We’re honored to play a small part in the greater Smodcast adventure and we hope to see you befezzed at one of the live shows soon!
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