#69 The Camazotz 2-tone Tapa Fez

Tiki Oasis Preview #6

zotz The Mayan deity of the underworld appears on a Limited Edition 2-tone fez! For the last few years I’ve challenged myself to come up with an interesting 2-tone fez design to bring to Tiki Oasis. That has usually involved taking one of our original embroideries and reworking it to go with the style of the fez. This year I took a completely different approach. I actually grabbed the paper pattern piece and just started free sketching on it. Now I must admit I had no idea what I was doing at the time and in all honesty that feeling continued through just about every step of the process. In fact, I wasn’t sure this was going to work right up until I started running embroideries. I knew I wanted to do something in a more traditional style and as I started sketching I could definitely see the influence of all of the research into the art of the Maya I had been doing. I didn’t set out to create an image of the bat god of the underworld and initially, I wasn’t planning to make this on tapa printed bark cloth but this is one of those times where as an artist you just roll with it. In the end there are a lot of influences that came together to make one of our most unique fezzes yet. There are only 13 signed and numbered editions of this special fez and like the rest of these previews, this one will make its public debut on Saturday the 19th in San Diego.
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