#65 The Mayan Jaguar Returns


Tiki Oasis Preview #2

Next up in our series of previews we have the return of the Mayan Jaguar. This is an update of one of my earliest designs that appeared way back in the beginning of 2007 as Fez of the Week #3. That one was a one-off made for my father-in-law and now the embroidery has been recreated from scratch and now appears on a plush leopard print velvet. The design is based on an ancient Mayan sculpture of a jaguar and despite originally doing this one over four years ago, I had every intention of making a batch for production. Well, four years went by pretty quick and when it was announced that the theme for this year’s Tiki Oasis was going to be “South of the Border” I knew the jaguar’s time had come. We have produced  25 of these low-profile fezzes and will be debuting them in San Diego at the Fez-o-rama booth in the Tiki Oasis Marketplace on the 19th. Once we return we will be posting the remainder of them on the website for sale!
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