#57 The Wicked Grounds Fez

wickedgroundsThis week’s fez is a gift for a friend, the owner and operator of Wicked Grounds, San Francisco's first and only Kink Café and Boutique. Our friend, and fellow Fez Head, Ryan opened Wicked Grounds back in 2009 with his lovely wife Rose. Not only is this a wonderful café with exquisite coffee and teas along with great counter service, it also has a very open minded policy towards the local adult crowd. I make a point of visiting Wicked grounds whenever I’m in San Francisco for amazing deserts and top quality green tea. Recently Ryan was forced to announce that due to rising costs they might have to close the café but in an amazing outpouring of support the very community that Wicked grounds serves stepped up to save the café. This design is not just a gift for a friend but also a tribute to all of the people that came together to support a dream. Fez #57 is a low profile Mark VI fez on wavy black velvet and features a 5 color embroidery of a coffee mug and crossed floggers. I took the liberty of creating my version of a WG alphabetic device to put on the mug, I hope Ryan doesn’t mind. This fez also sports the Black Chrome vents available as an option on all of our fezzes. You can follow Wicked Grounds on Twitter or find them on Facebook.
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