#54 The Monkey Brains Fez

monkey-brainsThis is my latest take on the classic concept of the thinking cap. Do you have some serious thinking to get done? Then have we got a fez for you! They say two brains are better than one, so just think what you can accomplish with our new Monkey Brains Fez. No problem can stand up against the brute-force attack of simian concentration! This Mark IV low profile black fez is the newest in our long standing series of primate themed fezzes and is the perfect fez for you to wear when you need some extra brain power to get you through your day. Whether you are taking your final exams, working on your Unified String theory or writing your latest blog post; this cap will add a bit of style while boosting your cognitive prowess with sympathetic monkey smarts.* Hey, it can be any worse than those magnet things. This will at least keep your pate covered and look cool at the same time. The good news is we’ve gone right from prototyping this design into production, so while we will be opening up a “pre-sale” order we already have a batch of these in the works. Head on over to the order page to get yours! *The cognitive powers of embroidered monkey brains have not been thoroughly tested. Some settling may occur in transit. Your results may vary. If you experience heightened intelligence lasting more than four hours after doffing this fez consult a television… or read the comments posted to any average news story. That usually lowers my intelligence a few dozen points.
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