#44 The Heartburn Fez Prototype

image We're doubling up this week to get back on schedule so today we present a special fez we created for a special event. The IndyGear Member Summit returned to the Queen Mary this last week and brought with it another exclusive fez! Eat a lot of spicy food? Feel the struggle of romantic entanglement? Like to gain your opponent's strength by sacrificing their vital organs to your vengeful and somewhat misunderstood god? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, then have we got a fez for you! These fezzes were designed in collaboration with a member of IndyGear and there are two options availible. The Prototype is a 2X and is availible at the special Fez of the Week discount. -or- There is also a limited supply of the final version of the Heartburn Fez.
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