#35 The TWiT Fez

The TWiT FezI am very excited to present the TWiT Fez a special gift I made for one of my idols.

Let me start out with a bit of background: I am a huge fan of  Leo Laporte and his TWiT shows, especially This Week in Google. I listen to these podcasts on my train ride to and from work and they help me keep what passes as my sanity. These shows have also nurtured my unhealthy obsession with technology as well as help keep me informed about current developments in many tech areas. I first became a fan of his work back on the now defunct Tech TV. I had resisted watching The Screen Savers for a long time under the false assumption that it would be some sort of morning show about computer basics. After actually watching the show I instantly regretted all of the shows I missed because of my misguided judgement. I have wanted to make Leo a fez for a few years now but I didn't know how to get it to him. I didn't want to just send one cold. Despite what it may look like, I am not doing this to piggyback on his success. I really want to thank him for all he has done and I believe he may actually be the sort of person that enjoys this kind of thing. I spend a good deal of time listening to his insights and I wanted a way to repay him for his diligence.
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