32 days and counting

Today's players: Troy, Mike, Irk and Maya. Assembled the booth for a final look. The tops were painted black just for the time being but they look so nice I may have to leave them black. Trimmed the edge of the bamboo. I didn't care for this uniform wave so I went for a more random edge not in the photo. You can also see the foam lining of the bamboo on the inside. This iritates me. I think I will remove that and glue black fabric on the bamboo. We remade the shelf for the cut-out box and covered it with fabric. Troy layed out a template to do the same for the bottoms of the plexi cases. I spent a good deal of the day working on the new designs for this year. Graphics are done so I just need to create the cut files and then engineer the embroideries. Maya and Mike sorted all of the glassware and assigned the designs. This is a big help for me because I usually go into vapor lock if I have do decide all of these things on my own.
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