#31 The Golden Trilobite Prototype Fez

This week's fez is one that has been requested for a long time. I remember it first came up as part of a larger discussion with fans of the comic Girl Genius - a great online "gas-lamp fantasy" comic. Well we get a lot of requests to do fezzes with a specific piece of art on them and unless we have permission I am loathe to capitalize on another artist's endeavors so I avoided the topic of a trilobite fez for some time.

Then as I was perusing the directory of vendors at Comic Con this year, I noticed that Studio Foglio was there and I would have the opportunity to talk to Phil in person. After explaining my position on trilobites and fezzes Phil was quick to point out that he can't really claim ownership of the legendary trilobite but was kind enough to give me clearance to do the fez anyway.

So here is the prototype.

This particular fez was donated to the Indygear Summit for their auction but we have already started to produce more for our website so watch for those to show up very soon.
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