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#103 The Cosmic Bacon Fez

cosmic-baconMany moons ago a Twitter discussion with my friends @lartist and @adampknave turned to the topic of bacon and its need to be featured on a fez. In the end I told Lar if he could come up with something appropriate I would turn it into thread and put it on a fez. Well as in most things, many days passed and the notion of a bacon themed fez drifted to that place in my head where most of the good ideas settle down, find mates and raise families, never to be heard from again. That is until Lar notifies me that I need to take a look at his new avatar. Turns out he had come up with a bacon themed design worthy of being featured on a fez. I would have dropped everything and immediately attacked this project but we were in the middle of launching the Hellboy fez and preparing for the Emerald City Comic Con. Now that we have recovered from both of these endeavors I finally have a chance to do another Fez of the Week and this one is bacon themed! cosmic bacon bigFez of the Week #102 features the artwork of Lar deSouza, cartoonist, illustrator and fez aficionado. Lar is the man behind such web comics as Looking for Group and Least I Could Do and the illustrator behind our limited edition Richard Fez. This Fez of the Week will only be available for pre-sale for one week. Once we go into production orders will be closed and fezzes will be made on a first ordered first produced basis.
Pre-order by March 19th. Production begins March 21st.
Edition Closed 3/19/2013

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