The DO NOT SHIP - Put it in my Locker is new option available at checkout that puts your order on hold to be combined with a future order and shipped as a single package to save on shipping fees. We will hold your order in the Locker for up to three months.

If you choose this option you will receive an email requesting confirmation to hold your order, or you can email us in advance of your initial order. Once the locker is set up you can simply continue to add orders to it at your leisure and contact us when you are ready to close out your locker and ship the contents.

The final cost of shipping will be due before the orders are packed up and shipped off. This does not include any international VAT or customs fees incurred as those remain the responsibility of the receiver.

This option was initially done an off-menu thing for a few of our international collectors, but we decided to dig into the website code and see if we could make it work without the need to do it over a series of emails.

The locker is a way to place your orders but hold off on shipping so you could combine it with a future order, and then ship everything in a single box at less cost. We were doing this for some fez heads in Australia, and you can imagine how much this would save on international shipping. Simply place the orders as you like, choose Put in my Locker as the shipping option and when you are ready to place the final order in the batch, contact Joe and coordinate how to include the shipping in your final order. Then everything in your locker gets added to that last order and shipped in one box. We will hold orders in your locker for up to three months before the nagging emails kick into gear.

We were creating this for international shipping but seeing as how we are constantly releasing special limited edition stuff, we figured it could be of use to some of the domestic customers as well.