Fez Madness Champ

Intrepid Adventurers of the Jungle
The 2023 Fez Madness Tourney Winner!

Congrats go out to @DapperFoxTiki and their design pitch for "A Tiger in a Smoking Jacket and Fez drinking a tropical drink."

For the 3rd year in a row we have held a design pitch tournament with the Fezmonger's Patreon members. The Fezorati tiers pitch design concepts, cull them down to the 16 favorite ideas and then we have a traditional bracket tournament to select a champion that then goes immediately into production. During the course of voting I begin doing concept sketches for the various entries refining the designs until we've selected a winner.

 This fez features a very dapper tiger enjoying a tropical cocktail in their favorite pink elephant mug. The purple fez the tiger wears has a stylized IAJ denoting membership in the Intrepid Adventurers of the Jungle

Because the Fezmonger's Patreon members demand it, this design is also available on a Low-profile fez as well as our Fez-o-Chapeau.

We also have limited run embroidered badges and a mini fez available exclusively to the Fezmonger's Patreon Members