Bronze Skull Tassel Pin

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Designed and sculpted by our very own Fezmonger Jason and produced by our friends at Badali Jewelry Specialties, this Momento Mori pin is available in yellow, white, or blackened bronze.

These are custom-made in small runs exclusively for us and feature a double tie-tack style pin back for firmly securing your tassel to the side or top of your fez… of course it doesn’t have to be used for holding a tassel. I use one of the bronze skulls to hold a boutonniere to my vest when I'm feeling extra goth.

Don't miss out on the sculpted bronze D20 Pins or the Octopus Arm Pins.

Tassels are not included with the pins, unlike the fezzes, but spare tassels can be purchased separately here.

Good News Everyone…

Now then – you may be asking yourself, “Self – I wonder what happens if I measured, ordered, my fez arrives via the shipping llama… and it doesn’t fit!”  Well – look in the mirror…  and blame them. Yep – your evil other-dimensional twin did it!

If after all the careful re-measurements, the thoughtful contemplation, and the dog stops laughing…  feel free to contact us and let us know.  Our exchange policy is pretty liberal as long as the design is ‘current’ we should be able to exchange for your proper size within 90 days of purchase. This is all based on the fact that you tried on the fez and didn’t wear it out on the town or to a bachelor party.(read as: not worn)

Exchanging the fez then continues by shipping it back to us at our Fez-o-rama address – the same that’s on the shipping box, which you could use as well. (just fold the flaps the other way to hide our label and *poof* instant box!)  Once we receive the fez, we’ll send it through to Inspector 23, (Inspector 12 retired in 2015) and they will give it the once over.  We will then ship the replacement as soon as humanly possible. 

For fez accessories, the same applies - if an 'oops' occurs, we will work with you to remedy the situation.

If the mistake is ours we will gladly pay the shipping costs, as we only like insanely happy customers, however; if we crossed our ‘t’s and dotted our lower case ‘j’s – the exchange shipping cost will be your (the customer’s) responsibility.  Sound fair?