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Our stylish Tea Cup and Cross Spoons design returns as a purple velvet variant! I type this between sips of Darjeeling. Tea is a major part of my day and second only to water as the world's beverage of choice. A bitter-sweet Brownian motion that built commerce empires and sacred rituals. Our Tea Cup and Cross Spoons design originally appeared as a Limited Edition Tweed design. That edition has sold out but the design lives on in this purple velvet variant. This fez celebrates our love of this ancient drink and is the perfect fez to wear while sipping a nice warm "cuppa"....

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We're back with a new Fez of the Week and this one is on tweed! The Tea Cup and Cross Spoons Fez features an elegant - and somehow ominous - tea-cup bracketed by a pair of crossed spoons on our ever-so-classy wool tweed  low-profile fez. This my friends is a serious tea drinking hat made for all of my fellow Tea Fiends out there. Pair this with your best day-ascot and dressing gown for an adventurous day of sipping that Brownian motion. Just don't forget your towel. As this is a Fez of the Week, these will be made to...

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