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We're wrapping up June with a trip to Portland for a Tiki weekender! So how do we kick it off? With a trip to Mountain View for a weekend at Chris Hardwick's ID10T of course. That's right, we're ending June with back to back shows... you know, that thing I said I would never do again. At least this time they are both very interesting events with lots of live music! First up: ID10T is a two-day music festival at the Shoreline Amphitheater June 24 + 25. Lots of live performances, panels and a comic con in an outdoor setting. I have...

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As the 2015 Con Season goes into the final leg, we're heading out on the open road for a double-header run of the Denver Modernism Show and Rose City Comic Con! This will take us on a scenic tour of the Western United States as we pass through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon before heading right back through the length of California on our way home.   First up is the Denver Modernism Show - September 11-12-13 at the National Western Complex Expo Hall in Denver Colorado. This is the show's 10th year and it will be our first...

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