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Phase Two of our 2015 Con Season kicks off with our biggest show of the year: Gen Con 2015.  This will be our third year participating in Gen Con and from our very first, this has been one of those shows we can't wait for. The crowds are huge but more importantly, they are some of the nicest and most supportive people we meet at cons. They come from all over the globe and cover all aspects of creative interests, because of this we strive to bring them something new and unusual every year. This year we have a number of...

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We're back on the road for the third time this month. We're headed back to Phoenix for the big show this weekend and once again, we're bringing some special stuff with us.   We'll have new designs, including the brand new Phoenix Fez, the first con appearance of our new Fez-o-rama Basket Cases and a special guest! Our friend Troy Z will be joining us for live sketch battles with the Fezmonger on our new sketch cards. Don't miss this opportunity to get some original art and get yourself a new fez! Find us in a new location on the...

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We're back on the road for our 13th and final show of 2014! Once again the Fez-o-mobile is pointed towards Arizona as we head off to participate in the first Phoenix Fan Fest. This is run by the same great people behind Phoenix Comicon so we're really looking forward to a great weekend. Now, as usual that means that most of our fez stock is packed up and heading to the show so if you are shopping on our website this weekend please realize that we may not be able to ship your order until we get back in the...

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