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I'm way overdue on posting this design to the website but things have been a little crazy... well crazier than our usual level of crazy around here. Way back in our early days I did a design of a red fez with the word FEZ embroidered in gold on it. I enjoyed the simplicity of a fez that announced exactly what it was but there was one flaw, it didn't read well in a mirror. I wanted a design that not only told others what one was wearing but also informed the wearer what was on their head when they caught...

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It's time for a little Spring Cleaning!   We've hit that point of the year where we need to impose some order on our chaotic lives. The first wave of the 2016 Con Season has passed and we need to start planning for the next batch of shows. Since our focus has always been on creating new stuff, we are forced to make the hard decisions about which designs need to be retired to clear some space for future designs. We try to bring something new to each show and we have a limited amount of space in the booth, so...

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We're celebrating the Year of the Monkey all year-long with special Fez of the Week designs each month. The Shamrock Monkey ~ Year of the Monkey Edition Our first special monkey Fez of the Week is a much requested revisit to the Shamrock Monkey design first introduced in 2010 and then revised for 2011. This design is a holiday spin on our original Coconut Monkey and this time the ginger guy is on a deep emerald green Low-Profile fez. As we said five year ago, our Shamrock Monkey fez returns to put a cap on your napper for all of your St Paddy’s...

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I admit I was long overdue for another zombie themed fez. I had been fiddling on this concept for quite a while and finally decided that I needed to be ready for October, but as our convention schedule started to fill up, I soon realized that I needed to have this ready well before October if people were going to be able to have them on their heads by Halloween. So while I prefer to keep each Holiday firmly in its place, Halloween is starting a little early this year. Now I have played with zombie themed designs in the past, but this time...

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 Join the Cthulhu Cthorps! The p and s are silent... we have no idea what to do with the "th". Introducing the latest in our on-going series of Lovecraftian inspired designs: The Cthulhu Cthorps Fez and Chapeau! For our fourth original Cthulhu design (not counting color/fabric variants) we wanted to go with a more Art Deco styled militarized look that would work well on both a chapeau and a fez. We also wanted to include the multiple eyes that were featured on HPL’s original sketch of the “Horror in Clay” that often get passed over in modern versions. Our classic green Cthulhu design had...

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