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We peer deep into your soul with this new Fez of the Week! The Mystic Eye Fez features an ominous violet eye peering forth from deep blue velvet. Peer into the souls of those around you as you bask in new-found enlightenment. Project your idealized self into the ether and peek beyond the veil to see the mystical machinations of the shadow creatures that leave the cap off of the milk and cause your streaming video to stutter. Confuse and frighten your neighbors with this hat of higher consciousness! As this is a Fez of the Week, these will be made to order and available...

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Fez of the Week, Special Editions -

We've done many fezzes inspired by things that go bump in the night and it's high-time we did a fez that bumps back. We are thrilled to present  We're back with another special collaboration with one of our favorite artists, Mike Mignola with the B.P.R.D. Fez! A Limited Edition of 50 fezzes. This is our fourth fez collaboration with Mike and this time we figured we would commemorate the new series Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. with a B.P.R.D.™ fez! It's the perfect cap to wear while reading the new book or catching up on all of the great tales from the last 20 years of Hellboy.™...

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Fez of the Week, Holiday, Special Editions -

Our Holiday season kicks off with the latest edition of our seasonal favorite! We did our first Krampus fez design way back in 2010 and once again I went back to the sketch book to work up a new take on this festive holiday demon for our 3rd edition. All of the same hallmarks are there: the twisted horns, the birch branches and rusty chains, the wickedly long tongue, we even have the basket of naughty children on the back of the fez.   We're opening up a pre-order now so you can get your fez in plenty of time...

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We're back with a new Fez of the Week and this one is on tweed! The Tea Cup and Cross Spoons Fez features an elegant - and somehow ominous - tea-cup bracketed by a pair of crossed spoons on our ever-so-classy wool tweed  low-profile fez. This my friends is a serious tea drinking hat made for all of my fellow Tea Fiends out there. Pair this with your best day-ascot and dressing gown for an adventurous day of sipping that Brownian motion. Just don't forget your towel. As this is a Fez of the Week, these will be made to...

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