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Once again it is time to turn to our annual tradition of marking the changing of the calendar year by watching the entire Marx Brothers' oeuvre, in order, starting December 31st and running until we're done. The point of doing this is to end the year the way we began it: laughing and celebrating my favorite classic-comedy team. To coincide with our movie marathon, each year we open up orders for a special tribute to Groucho and the boys, the Freedonian Fez. Inspired by the fantastic film Duck Soup, the Freedonian features the great seal of Freedonia emblazoned on our...

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Every New Years we set out to start the year right by watching the entire series of Marx Brothers films in order. It is a great way to kick off the calendar shift and helps set the tone for the months to come. Unfortunately last year we broke from that tradition as we were out-of-town for the holiday and I think 2015 suffered for it. This year we're back to form and we've brought a special edition fez to mark our return. The Freedonian Fez ~ 2015 Edition The Marx Brothers had a huge influence on my early development and...

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The Freedonian Fez returns for one week only! Those of you that have been following my antics for some time are likely aware of my love for the Marx Brothers and our tradition of ending the year the same way began it, watching all of the Marx Bros. films in chronological order. This year we will be hitting the road to Northern California to participate in TWiT's 24 Hours of 2015: A Benefit for UNICEF so in lieu of watching the movies, we are honoring the intent by bringing back the classic Freedonian Fez as a Fez of the Week offering. This tall...

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