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 Join the Cthulhu Cthorps! The p and s are silent... we have no idea what to do with the "th". Introducing the latest in our on-going series of Lovecraftian inspired designs: The Cthulhu Cthorps Fez and Chapeau! For our fourth original Cthulhu design (not counting color/fabric variants) we wanted to go with a more Art Deco styled militarized look that would work well on both a chapeau and a fez. We also wanted to include the multiple eyes that were featured on HPL’s original sketch of the “Horror in Clay” that often get passed over in modern versions. Our classic green Cthulhu design had...

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Join the esteemed society of the celebrated and sauced! The Tasseled Order of the Pink Elephant Fez features a slightly inebriated, pink pachyderm on our tall black velvet fez. It is just the thing to signify that you take your imbibing seriously... and often, to great lengths. My plan is to put this design into production for the coming con season but as those deadlines are looming rather largely, I decided to open this up as a Fez of the Week first so our internet friends could get a crack at them. Eventually these will be stocked for the website but that...

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For our 2nd Fez of the Week for February we have one for all of the Coleopterists out there. The Flying Scarab Fez features an ornately decorated scarab with spread wings rendered in bright jewel-tone threads on a low-profile black velvet fez. I have a bit of an obsession with wings and flying designs, as you can see with many of my past designs, but up until this point I had yet to tackle insect wings. While doing research on traditional Egyptian Scarab designs I just couldn't get the beauty of actual scarab wings out of my head. I decided...

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The Freedonian Fez returns for one week only! Those of you that have been following my antics for some time are likely aware of my love for the Marx Brothers and our tradition of ending the year the same way began it, watching all of the Marx Bros. films in chronological order. This year we will be hitting the road to Northern California to participate in TWiT's 24 Hours of 2015: A Benefit for UNICEF so in lieu of watching the movies, we are honoring the intent by bringing back the classic Freedonian Fez as a Fez of the Week offering. This tall...

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Do not adjust your monitor, it is actually that much black. Four years ago I made a black on black on black Skull and Crossbones fez as a Fez of the Week. We still get comments about that one. With the popularity of this year's Crossbones fez, I think it is time we revisited the idea with 2nd edition. This special holiday edition fez is only available through Black Friday and features our original Crossbones design rendered in all black thread on a black velvet fez. Now that I think about it, I pretty much summed the idea up in my...

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