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Today may be all about giving thanks and spending time with family, but tomorrow is all about gettin' yours while surrounded by people who will step on your neck if you get in the way of their discount television purchase. Here at Fez-o-rama, we decided to celebrate Black Friday in a different way... by going literal! It's the 36 hour Black Friday Collection That's right, we're back again with a special Black Friday offer but this time instead one measly fez, it's a whole collection! Four different styles that have one thing in common: black. Black velvet, black thread, black quilted...

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I admit I was long overdue for another zombie themed fez. I had been fiddling on this concept for quite a while and finally decided that I needed to be ready for October, but as our convention schedule started to fill up, I soon realized that I needed to have this ready well before October if people were going to be able to have them on their heads by Halloween. So while I prefer to keep each Holiday firmly in its place, Halloween is starting a little early this year. Now I have played with zombie themed designs in the past, but this time...

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Introducing the 10th Anniversary Tsuro™ Fez! This last-minute addition to our batch of new styles celebrates the award-winning (and Fez-o-rama favorite) tile-based board game from Calliope Games! This unique fez features an embroidery based on the Tsuro: The Game of the Path box art. This special edition fez was introduced at Gen Con 2015 and is now available on our website.

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 After a ridiculous 4 shows in 6 weeks we're playing catch-up on the blog so please excuse this slightly late update. The 2nd of our designs that debuted at Tiki Caliente 2015 is this color variant of our tiki-themed Muhe'e Chapeau that premiered at last year's event. I got a lot of requests for the Muhe'e to be done in cooler colors like the ones used in the Deep One fez so after a bit of fiddling I am thrilled to present this little green kraken chapeau. This style has already made an appearance at the Phoenix Comicon and we...

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After a ridiculous 4 shows in 6 weeks we're playing catch-up on the blog so please excuse this slightly late update. After the introduction of our limited edition Muhe’e Chapeau last year, I knew it was only the beginning of the squid designs to come. For this year’s Tiki Calliente 2015 we introduced this tiki styled squid fez in the same warm colors as the original Muhe’e. This fez is just the thing to wear to your next backyard luau, night out at the tiki bar or playing your pipe organ on a renegade submarine while defending the depths from a...

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