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Time for another Special Edition fez! Once again We have done a design collaboration with one of our favorite artists and boy is it a doozy! Two years ago I had the pleasure of working up a special design for writer and artist Mike Mignola. This time I got to work with one of his most popular creations, Hellboy™. Mike is currently in the midst of the critically acclaimed Hellboy in Hell series and this design takes its inspiration directly from one of the panels in issue #1. If you haven’t been following the story do yourself a favor and...

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This week’s fez sees the return of a much requested design. Fez of the Week #39 the Mondotini was first created as a very Limited Edition run on black velvet way back in 2010 for the Mondo Lounge 3 weekend in Vegas.  I had originally wanted to do this on the maroon velvet you see here but sadly our supply had run dry so we produced the fez in black velvet. After the original quickly sold out we received a number of requests to revisit this style but then… it was no longer my decision to make! Fezmonger for a...

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The Tiki Oasis Preview Edition There has been a flurry of activity on the blog recently as we have been previewing the new styles that will debut at Tiki Oasis this weekend. Here is a quick recap with links for those that might have missed it. Once we recover from the epic weekend we will be posting the remaining fezzes up on the site for sale. So if you see something you like and are not attending the big event, check out Fez-o-rama.com on Monday for your chance to pick up some of these special designs. The Mermaid Fez We...

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Tiki Oasis Preview #7 This very special fez is inspired by a very special performer. As the real live inspiration for our Mermaid Fez, MeduSirena Marina gets her very own variant fez to debut at Tiki Oasis! The fez features Marina’s trademark red and gold costume and has her logo on the back magically etched into the velvet! MeduSirena recreates the magic of retro-aquatic performances and when she’s not thrilling the crowds with her fire dancing or taking to the Wreck Bar pool with the MeduSirena Mermaid Pod, she’s inspiring artists like myself to create tributes to her talent. Learn...

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Tiki Oasis Preview #5 Each year at Tiki Oasis we bring a few special limited edition designs. This year will be no different. Here we have the first of our Signed/Numbered Limited Editions: The UV Sugar Skull. This is an inverted version of our new Sugar Skull design with a bit of an experimental surprise. This special edition is limited to only 13 fezzes and features special UV reactive threads that normally appear white but when exposed to UV rays suddenly change colors. Finally we have a fez that is festive during the day and formal at night! These Limited...

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