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The end of the year is fast approaching so I better get one more newsletter in before it is too late!  Speaking of too late: Krampusnacht is Nigh! This coming week brings us Krampusnacht and then on the 6th Krampus heads back to the Underworld and with him goes our New Krampus Fez! So get your orders in by December 6th for this festive fez or you will have to wait for his return in 2013. This seasonal fez is made to order so order quickly to have this merry topper for your next Holiday soirée.   ..and just in time...

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As usual January starts with a bang! …and then hits a wall. Only one week into the new year and I get sidelined by the flu, but fear not we are still moving forward with our plans! Back on the 8th we did venture North to the Emerald City and had a little Fez-up with our friends Howlin’ Hobbit and Sal. It is always great to hang out with our fellow fez enthusiasts - and in this case talented musicians. Check out Howlin’ Hobbit’s website here. We had a great evening of African food and the Pan Africa Market and...

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Well the wife and I have returned from Seattle and while it was a very short trip we did have a great time. We even managed to meet up with a few of the Fezorati in between family visits. A big thank you goes out to Howlin' Hobbit and Sal for spending so much time with us. It was a real treat. If you ever get the chance to see them perform as Snake Suspenderz you will be in for a treat. If you are in the Seattle area and missed this Fez-up don't worry. We will be coming back...

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My wife and I try to make it up to Seattle to visit family at least once a year and we are headed up there this week. As you can see from our last trip we try to meet up with some of our Fez brethren like Howlin' Hobbit when in town. So the question is: Does anyone want to meet up Friday evening in Seattle? If you are game let me know. We also tend to hang out at the Crumpet Shop near the Pike for breakfast if you are an early bird. Follow me on Twitter @fezmonger to...

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