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Lord Sterling stood resolutely at the wheel as his airship began its sudden descent. His mustachioed face belied his mental state even as the hull exploded in a pyrotechnic display better fitting his actual thoughts. The captain knew this had been a devastating folly from the start, but he was honor bound and would not shirk the burden of leadership when faced with such an affront to his status. It was far better to die facing the risk of failure than to pass away avoiding it. ~The Last Flight of the Zenith Erroneous The Zeppelin Fez features the final moments...

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I am thrilled to finally be able to talk about this project. A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of our patrons, and frequent Fez Friday participant, Craig McKenzie about a really cool project. Craig teaches music at the Abraham Lincoln High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in San Jose and has, on more than one occasion, donned his fez while playing his sax. Well it seems that not only did his students dig his choice of head wear but decided that they might be in need a special fez of their own. They even took...

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10 years in the making and after much fussing and teasing, it is finally time to introduce our new hat style. Way back in the previous century I started making fezzes for my friends. That first Christmas it was 8 fezzes for the guys, many of whom I had known for well over a decade. As I continued to make a fez here and there as birthday gifts throughout the year I started getting asked if I was going to make fezzes for the girlfriends. Since I had already been making fezzes for the guys, I wanted to do something...

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The gothic scourge of flying insects, costumed criminals and Nineteenth Century Middle-Eastern hairdos; the mighty bat is immortalized on our latest fez, just in time for the Halloween Season! October is already shaping up to be a very busy month design-wise. We’ve already released two limited editions for Keen Halloween and since this one made a surprise debut at that same show last week, I just couldn’t  hold off any longer to post it. We only have a small batch of them done but we’ve opened up a back-order option as we work on stocking them up. Order Yours Now...

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We honor the great adventurers and heroes of the space race, the Space Chimp. Daring to go where no man has gone... until at least a few monkeys went there first and safely returned with no discernible ill effects beyond the trauma of being shoved into a capsule with little to no explanation of how this was going to benefit them or their species beyond scoring a few bananas on the return... but I digress. The latest in our now notorious obsession with creating designs featuring primates wearing awesome headgear on a fez, the Space Chimp fez features the hero...

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