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2X, black, Fez of the Week, primate, Sold, tall -

This is a slightly irregular Gorilla in 2x, actually it is the lining that is damaged not the shell. I accidentally put a rejected lining in when I was sewing some new Gorilla fezzes up today. It had a small rip that I will sew a patch over just so it doesn't get worse. If you can stand owning this mistake and your head is approximately 23.5-24" you can snatch this one up at the discounted price! SOLD

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black, Fez of the Week, primate, Sold, tall, X-Large -

We're back on the primate theme. I had to resist the urge to do this one in April and commit myself to limiting the monkey thing to only once a month. To be honest, I didn't set out to make a bunch of simian fezzes when I started all of this but I have learned to go with the flow.So this week we have the Baboon Fez. It's been a favorite in my sketch book for weeks and now it is in thread. There is something that has always fascinated me about baboons. Perhaps it is the colorful markings, their...

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black, Fez of the Week, primate, Sold, tall -

I've decided to stop questioning the current obsession with primates and just roll with it. Strap yourselves in 'cause this could last awhile.Introducing the Gorilla Fez, the perfect fez for the fat cat CEO, bar bouncer or hired goon... or anyone finds themselves in the need of a great ape fez! Speaking of a great ape... Check out the fantastic band Ape. They have no affiliation with this hat but they are really cool! SOLD

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2X, black, bone, Fez of the Week, primate, Sold, tall -

By combining two of our most popular themes we now give you the Monkey Skull Fez! This is clearly what happened when the Drunken Monkey didn't know when to call it a night.But don't let that stop you! Wear this fez in pride as it is a reminder to all around that you only have so much time in life to wear fezzes and fling poo... so get this fez and get to it!SOLD

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