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2X, black, Fez of the Week, primate, Sold, tall, wavy -

Just to show you that Joe is not the only one around here that can "design" a fez variant, - by design we of course mean "forget to change all of the treads before running a new embroidery"- I bring you my version of the Ninja Gorilla!It's the perfect topper for those special "night ops" at the old drinking hole. This one is a size: 2X Tall fez in black wavy velvet.Again, act with lightning reflexes... we only got the one (for the time being) SOLD

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black, Fez of the Week, large, primate, Sold, tall, wavy -

This week we have the prototype of the Special Edition Night of the Zombie Monkey Fez. Those are nearly sold out but here is your chance to grab the prototype in a size Large!We ran the Special Edition of 13 in the Low Profile style but this prototype was done on a Tall. If you are quick and happen to have a 23 inch circumference to your brain case, you could be the proud owner of this undead primate SOLD

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primate, Tiki Oasis -

Well work has begun on impending Tiki Oasis 08! This year's theme is Voodoo Vacation on Zombie Island and needless to say we are rather keen on this one. I've spent the weekend working on prototypes for the new designs we will be premiering at the event on August 14-17. The banner you see above is a detail from the artwork I just sent off for the event brochure. Just click on the image and save it if you are interested in putting a link on your site. We always welcome the connection. We do ask that you link to...

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Fez of the Week, low, primate, red, Sold, wavy, X-Large -

This is one of those designs that jumps on the fast track before I even know what it is going to look like. I had been working on a couple of new Monkey and Tiki designs when a few random sketches lead to what you see here. I quickly prototyped it just to see if it would work out and we almost immediately started a small run of the final design -just a few adjustments- that is now available in our full size range. So if you happen to wear an XL fez and act now you could score this...

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black, Fez of the Week, medium, primate, Sold, tall -

This week we present the first Fez of the Week "designed" by Joe! It's a variant on our Gorilla Fez featuring a dapper black on black color way. The perfect Gorilla Variant to wear to you next Black Tie event or assassination assignment in Feudal Japan. This one is a size: medium Tall fez in black wavy velvet.Act with lightning reflexes... we only got the one. SOLD

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