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How many monkey themed fezzes is too many? I’ll let you know when we get there… assuming I even notice. That’s right, our monkey obsession continues with our latest fez and this one is a doozy. We are thrilled to present the Winged Monkey Fez! Now some of you may remember way back at #59 I had done a flying monkey themed fez after spending too much time in an airport. That one went to my Wizard of Oz loving mother-in-law and while I had a few requests to make more of them I was never quite satisfied with the...

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This week’s fez is for all of those that spend their days flipping the switches on the zeroes and ones, the guys and gals up to their elbows in syntax and variables; their eyes filled with the code runs our world. The few, the proud, the Code Monkeys! This guy here, this is Marv. He works on our website’s backend. He likes his coffee like he likes his ladies… strong and tasting of bananas. He’s not much for the chatter, but when something starts shaking the tree you’ll be glad he’s around. This is the kind of guy you want...

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Just in time for April Fez Day! We have lots of big news for this month so let’s just jump right in! First up we are thrilled to present: The Mignola Fez: Limited Edition of 50! This design first appeared on the Fez of the Week blog as a special fez created specifically for Mike Mignola. Well he has generously approved a limited run of these fezzes to be made and they are now available for order on our site! Only 50 of these will be made so act quickly, the first 12 have already sold! Next: The Monkey Brains...

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This is my latest take on the classic concept of the thinking cap. Do you have some serious thinking to get done? Then have we got a fez for you! They say two brains are better than one, so just think what you can accomplish with our new Monkey Brains Fez. No problem can stand up against the brute-force attack of simian concentration! This Mark IV low profile black fez is the newest in our long standing series of primate themed fezzes and is the perfect fez for you to wear when you need some extra brain power to get...

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Our classic gorilla design returns for a final hurrah as a Mark VI fez before we send him off to the Retired Designs column. To make this batch a little special we decided to follow the lead of one of our great customers and adopt one of his end user mods. That’s right, we’ve lit the gorilla’s stogie with a single crimson rhinestone. If you don’t already have your own gorilla fez then this is your last chance to pick one up. Act quickly because once these are gone we will be retiring this embroidery file to make room for...

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