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We honor the great adventurers and heroes of the space race, the Space Chimp. Daring to go where no man has gone... until at least a few monkeys went there first and safely returned with no discernible ill effects beyond the trauma of being shoved into a capsule with little to no explanation of how this was going to benefit them or their species beyond scoring a few bananas on the return... but I digress. The latest in our now notorious obsession with creating designs featuring primates wearing awesome headgear on a fez, the Space Chimp fez features the hero...

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Alright, you people put me up to this and I can’t resist a monkey wearing a silly hat on a silly hat. I wasn't actually planning to post another Fez of the Week this month, and certainly had no plan to post a second one this week, but after the overwhelming demand I received after an offhanded remark I made on Twitter, I decided that I needed to rise to the challenge. The Monkey Pope is embroidered on our vibrant purple velvet and features what may be the best monkey face I have done so far. Any resemblance to any church officials...

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Each February people far more interesting than I gather in Florida and board a cruise ship to the Caribbean for seven days of food, drink, gaming, comedy and music; all hosted by the phenomenal Jonathan Coulton and his cadre of entertainment cut-throats. Sadly I will not get to join the JoCo Cruise Crazy once again but that doesn't mean I can’t live vicariously through those that do! See, the revelers on this crew have taken to calling themselves Sea Monkeys and since I have a few friends that will be counted among them that have requested a fez to mark the occasion,...

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Our Obsession with monkeys wearing hats continues in epic form! It's a monkey, wearing a Samurai helmet, on a fez! Do we have to diagram the equation of awesomeness that is involved here? See you take the monkey and multiply it with Samurai -don't forget to carry the Bushido- and, look it's not that complica... MONKEY WEARING A SAMURAI HELMET ON A FEZ!!! What started as a simple suggestion made in passing by a friend on the interwebs quickly demanded that it be made real. Now let’s be honest, most fez ideas get filed away in what passes as a...

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April has been so frantic I needed to do a second newsletter. We are hard at work prepping for our next batch of conventions but I wanted to let you know about a few things before we really hit the grind. The Winged Monkey Fez debuts! Our newest fez features an original design inspired by the works of L. Frank Baum. I was first inspired to make a flying monkey themed fez while sitting in an airport waiting for a flight. After some time and a few concepts I think I finally have my official travel fez. These are up...

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