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We hope this newsletter finds you enjoying whatever end-of-year Winter celebration you choose to celebrate! I know we are all inundated with seasonal greetings from every retailer with an email account but I wanted to share a few quick things before the month is out and we say goodbye to 2013. First off, I want to give something away. Feztive Photo Challenges If you have been following along you might have seen me mentioning that I have been working on a fez stand concept. Well with the holiday break upon us I think I will be able to make some...

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A special fez for a special time of year. This December 25th we will be reminded, once again of the love, compassion and sacrifice that outlasts time… and space. Two hearts united to make the universe a better place. To celebrate this passing of the ages, we have created a special Fez of the Week! The Eternal Hearts Fez features a pair of the sacred symbol of love wrapped in an infinity swirl of blue and joined by a solitary crimson crystal and is available on both a Low-Profile Fez as well as our new Chapeau style. To continue the...

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We’re only 8 days into the month but we have so much going on I needed to put out another newsletter! The D20 Tassel Leash After nearly a year we have finally added a new design to our collection of Bronze Tassel Leashes. Seen here pinned to the side of our Table Top Gamer Fez, the D20 Pin is available in either yellow or white bronze and features a hidden cord channel and a double set of tie-tack pins to firmly hold your tassel in place. The D20 Pin is a perfect addition to any fez and a great way...

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The Holidays are in full swing and have we got some things to say about it. Last Call for Santa and Krampus! Krampusnacht is looming and our Holiday fezzes are nearing the end of their runs for 2013. Get your orders in by December 6th for either the Krampus or Santa Fez. As this is the second year for both of these designs they will likely get retired for new versions in 2014. Order your Santa or Krampus fez by Dec 6th Speaking of limited windows of opportunity, the Fez of the Week project has been in full tilt this...

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The Holidays are fast approaching and while I would prefer to face them one at a time, many of you prefer to practice something called planning ahead… whatever that is. So to accommodate those of you versed in this mysterious tradition, we’re releasing a number of new designs and seasonal favorites in short order. So let slip the llamas of fez! The Zeppelin Fez The Last Flight of the Zenith Erroneous. First up we have our newest design: The Zeppelin Fez . This one came out of a charity auction we took part in 6 months ago. The winning bid...

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