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Fez of the Week, low profile, monochrome, silver screen, tiki -

This week's fez is a special monochrome variant of our recently retired Haku Tiki design! The Haku Silver Screen Edition features our classic Haku design in all of its tiki glory... just a little less saturated. OK, a lot less saturated. We've rendered the tiki in shades of silver to create this formal - and slightly ominous - looking topper. Pair it with a tux for your next black tie affair or don a monochrome aloha shirt and pretend you are being chased by zombies out of one of Hollywood's lost tropical horror films. Since we have WonderCon Anaheim this coming week, we're...

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glow in the dark, halloween, monkey, monochrome, Special Editions, zombie -

Why won’t these damn monkeys stay dead?!? Like any decent horror movie, we’ve rebooted our Zombie Monkey design and it starts with a special Limited Edition! That’s right, with the Halloween Season fast approaching, you will see a new version of our full-color brain-eating primate but if you act quickly you can get one of the special classically de-saturated versions we are making for Keen Halloween. This grey on grey on gray fez features our new Zombie Monkey creation rendered in all of the glorious colors of the classic monster movies… such as none. Now just like the Keen Halloween...

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d20, Fez of the Week, gamer, low profile, monochrome -

The final Fez of the Week for 2012 is the perfect fez to wear while ringing in the New Year! This special edition features our D20 design, rolled to 13, on a low profile black fez. The monochrome design makes it just the thing to wear to your next black tie affair or formal gaming event. Now here is the catch, this fez will be available for pre-order for only a week and production will begin on December 19th when I return from my Holiday trip. This of course means that once we start shipping, it will be right at...

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