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photo by Jeff Lawson of Detour Aftermath Photography Holy Carp! June is half over already and I am just now getting around to a newsletter? As you may have noticed, things have been a little hectic around here after our one-two punch of the Phoenix and Denver comic conventions. Our website stock was dealt a mighty blow and we have spent the last few weeks with our heads down toiling away on restocking some of our styles. Most of our popular designs are back in stock with just a few more on the production shelf and that means it is...

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Originally created as a special Limited Edition fez for our debut at the Denver Comic Con in 2012, we’ve brought the Altimeter back for a production run for those of you that couldn’t get to the Mile High City. Now after a bit of a delay we have salvaged the dial and have done a run on our charcoal grey velvet however this time we decided to try some new thread. So not only does this fez mark the distance above sea level at approximately 1 mile, it does so in the dark as well. That's right the dial on...

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