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After nearly 4 years of making Fez-o-rama Fezzes I've finally made an actual Fez-o-rama Fez. There are a number of experimental details on this fez the most obvious being the new two-tone style. This one is a Low-Profile fez in Black Wavy velvet with a Leopard velvet insert and tip.Below you can see Ukulele Icon Jim Beloff wearing the actual prototype that I gave him at the NAMM show as a way to thank him for enabling my Ukulele obsession. Notice the sweet Tiki King designed Flea in his hands.I don't know if or when this one might go into...

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Four days until we find out what 24 hours of dancing looks like. Frankly, I'm a little nervous. I don't put much faith in my attention span. I'm likely to snap and start doing the Cabbage Patch or something!Anyway, Atomic Fezzes numbers 3-8 were finished last night and should be heading out to their new homes today. With the help of these fez sales our team has brought in $16,920.00 in donations. We will probably crack 17k by the time you read this. I am personally amazed by the generosity of all of our supporters. The Dance-a-thon has already gotten...

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