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We’re only 8 days into the month but we have so much going on I needed to put out another newsletter! The D20 Tassel Leash After nearly a year we have finally added a new design to our collection of Bronze Tassel Leashes. Seen here pinned to the side of our Table Top Gamer Fez, the D20 Pin is available in either yellow or white bronze and features a hidden cord channel and a double set of tie-tack pins to firmly hold your tassel in place. The D20 Pin is a perfect addition to any fez and a great way...

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Our latest design is a tribute to those that spent their formative years expanding their minds, taxing their imaginations and turning their fates over to a roll of the dice. The Table Top Gamer fez features a winged dodecahedron of chance in front of a pencil and pawn wrapped in a banner of honor on our low-profile black velvet fez. This design lived in my sketchbook for half a year before I managed to get around to putting it in thread; as is often the case with my ideas. There is always something else that needs to get done. Looking...

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The end of the year is fast approaching so I better get one more newsletter in before it is too late!  Speaking of too late: Krampusnacht is Nigh! This coming week brings us Krampusnacht and then on the 6th Krampus heads back to the Underworld and with him goes our New Krampus Fez! So get your orders in by December 6th for this festive fez or you will have to wait for his return in 2013. This seasonal fez is made to order so order quickly to have this merry topper for your next Holiday soirée.   ..and just in time...

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Finally, something to wear on 12-12-2012 For one of the final fezzes of 2012 I decided to bring back the under appreciated dodecahedron of chance, the D12. This not only to marks the year but also the month, however I wanted to eschew the obvious seasonal colors and go-to dice hues for something a bit more unique. After a bit of brainstorming with @Lartist and @AdamPKnave, we settled on a something of a Mayan color theme to also mark the erroneous end of the Mayan calendar on the 21st that everyone is so excited about.* Fez of the Week #99...

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We just got back from Seattle and the Emerald City Comic Con and we are long past due for a newsletter so this one is going to be big. First off let’s recap some of our recent developments: Our Latest Fezzes! The D12 Fez WC Edition March brought our latest Gamer’s Fez and this one is a Special Limited Edition! Only 20 limited edition fezzes were made and each one comes with a numbered edition pin. Since these are spread out over 7 different sizes they are bound to go quickly. Some sizes are already gone.   The Skull &...

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