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Originally created for  the Lodge of the Jackalope to celebrate April and David's wedding back in April - Offbeat Bride has a great write up on this - we are happy to introduce a new version of the Jackalope Fez for the masses. Presented on Charcoal velvet with a monochrome style embroidery the low profile Jackalope Fez has a classy subdued vibe. Pair this with a fresh dinner jacket and you are ready for an evening of jazz and debauchery at the local Jackalope Club... assuming you can still find your Jackalope Key. The Jackalope Fez made its public debut...

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To commemorate my return to the Fez of the Week project I decided to finally make myself an appropriate fez to wear while I turn the cogs and flip the switches on the fez-making machines around here. This week's fez features my personal identification among the working class. Actually -don't tell anyone this- but I'm only borrowing the number. I'm only posing as a worker to impress this really cute girl. I think we may have a real future together... of course if my father found out what I was doing he would kill me. Anyway you know the rest. It's a...

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Everyone's favorite little green bot! I finally return to the Fez of the Week concept in a big way! This week's fez marks two firsts for us. This is the first time we have a fez in charcoal grey and this is our first foray into opensource artwork! #33 is a Low Profile fez on charcoal grey velvet featuring Google's Android logo - my personal favorite mobile OS. There is a reason I had to do this fez. You see, the Google I/O 2010 developer's conference is happening next week and I don't get to go! Sure you might say: Why...

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