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This week we continue our series of early 20th Century fictional nation state fezzes. This also continues my ongoing series of tributes to my comedy idols. The Tomainian Fez is the reason we picked up the camel colored velvet in the first place. It is a fez fit for the Phooey himself! The Tomainian Fez features the traditional double cross on a red velvet background and in this photo features a rather traditional red tassel, all on a low profile camel velvet fez. Like the Freedonian Fez, we will be setting these up as a pre-order for anyone interested. They...

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This week’s fez is a prototype of a new variation on our popular Soviet Deluxe Fez. A while back we got a suggestion to do something a bit more drab and well “soviet” looking. Recently two things came up that brought this idea back to the foreground. Our supplier came out with a new frosted matte style of thread, we booked ourselves into the inaugural Mojave Oasis and we stumbled across this camel colored velvet. Well, who am I to resist the Universe? This is the prototype for our new Soviet Deluxe Desert Edition that we plan to bring out...

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