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2010, available, black, Hawaiian, high profile, Lono, Production, tiki -

Our latest production fez features the return of one of our most recent designs. The Lono debuted at Tiki Oasis 10 on an extremely limited edition on sueded mahogany velvet. Well those quickly found new homes and at the time of this post, only a single size Small remains. Well for those of you that missed out on the special edition or perhaps were just waiting for a more formal look, we now present the Lono on lava black velvet. This is one the more traditional looking tiki designs we have done and felt it was only fitting that we...

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android, available, Fez of the Week, Sons of the Desert -

Well you demanded it so here you go! A very small batch of the Fez of the Week #33 have been made and are now available on the Fez-o-rama website. Act quickly as these will likely move fast and I don't know when or if we might be making any more. These are some of the first fezzes featuring our new fez design so please double check your head measurement before ordering. there may be a change from one of our older fezzes. While we're on the subject of available fezzes, the Sons of the Desert fezzes are now shipping. So if...

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all sizes, available, high profile, Production, red, Spring Cleaning, tall, wavy -

One of our very early Low Profile designs returns for a limited run as in tall!  The "FEZ" fez The FEZ Fez was from our first batch of fezzes and has been retired for many years. As part of our Spring Cleaning initiative I decided to bring it back for a short run for those that missed the chance to get one in the early days. This time the FEZ fez is on Cherry Red wavy velvet and sports the most direct and to the point embroidery we could come up with. Finally a fez that in one step raises...

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all sizes, available, low profile, slate green, Spring Cleaning, tiki -

After making two prototypes it only took another two years and the great Spring Cleaning initiative to get around to making a few Hei Tikis for sale! Since this is the last of this particular fabric, we were only able to make 13 Hei Tiki fezzes available. When these are gone there won't be any more like them.  The Hei Tiki is a traditional Maori design, often a carved in jade and is usually a representation of an ancestor. This has always been one of my favorite traditional tiki designs and it is finally available again.$50+shipping

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all sizes, available, blue, bot, high profile, Production, robot, tall -

The heartless ( but surprisingly efficient) Robots have returned to oppress us with their superior sense of order! Our only recourse: Silly hats! See, their logic circuits will be overwhelmed as they try to make sense of our jaunty chapeaus celebrating their arrival whilst we undermine their objectives by looking swanky! ...OK, so I haven't worked out all of the fine details on this but trust me, based on the reactions we get from the traitorous human automatons walking the street, these fezzes have some serious stupefying powers that will be necessary if we have any hope to overthrow the...

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