966054_10151673214396221_124170625_o.jpgFez-o-rama LLC. is a unique small business that produces fine hand-made, embroidered velvet fezzes and caps, fez accessories and original art. We’re located in Southern California and all of our production is USA based.  We have shipped worldwide and have our fezzes on the heads of many insanely happy clients in over a hundred countries. What makes us a truly unique company is not only what we make, but also the fact that we are artist owned and operated. Our designs are created and programmed in-house and the vast majority of production is done by those very same artists. From start to finish we put our focus on our creative expression. We are not just a design front for some factory. The same few people that created the patterns and design the embroideries also answer the emails, sew the fezzes, ship the boxes, design the website and attend the shows. This creative passion extends to our presence on the convention floor with our award-winning self-built custom designed booth and displays. We tend to eschew conventional presentations for a more hand-made, artisan style that better represents our product, our company and our design philosophy.The way we do things is just as important to us as what we do.

The Fezzes

crossbones feznovian cthulhu4 mimic-octo

Since its inception in 2005, Fez-o-rama has produced thousands of fezzes, from the mind of our in-house design maven Jason Rodgers, as well as designs collaborated and licensed with artists such as Derek Yaniger, Shag, and Mike Mignola – and companies like Super7, Funko, Google, and Fender Guitar.  We are the licensed fez makers for the Sons of the Desert – the international Laurel & Hardy appreciation society based on the 1934 Laurel and Hardy film of the same name.  We also produce custom fezzes for many other groups and have required that they have actual copyright ownership of the artwork before we begin the collaboration process.  We can not, and will not reproduce copyrighted artwork without express written permission of the Copyright owner. We value the creative endeavors of others and would not, and do not exploit their work.

The Fez-o-rama Booth

Our Fez-o-rama booth shows off our niche product with an equally unique display.  The booths function and form can be set-up and broken down in mere minutes, and is reminiscent of the 1930’s ‘suitcase salesman’ in its construction – sturdy yet flexible.  Built for the standard 10’ x 10’ spacing, we can be set into almost any location irregardless of alignment or frontage, and have been in locations as small as 4’ x 6’ to as large as 10’ x 20’. Recent events that we’ve exhibited our wares include:

  • GenCon
  • Emerald City Comicon
  • WonderCon
  • Phoenix Comicon
  • Denver Comic Con
  • Or see us at one of our upcoming shows!

At each convention we strive to release one or two ‘event specific’ fez designs – giving that event an exclusive item not only for collectors but one that builds on event loyalty.  We also promote each event on our websites homepage – which for 2011 had over 79,000 page views by over 49,000 unique addresses – and on average about 1,300 people viewing our site each week. For 2013, this went to a high of over 4,500 people each week, and well over 2.4 million hits in three years. We’re excited to expand our presence to other markets, and look forward to many varied conventions throughout this year.

Contacting Fez-o-rama

If you have a convention or event that you think Fez-o-rama would be a fantastic fit for – then contact us – it’s easy! For general and business or other silly questions, please contact Joe – joe@fez-o-rama.com For artistic and interview requests/questions, please contact Jason – jason@fez-o-rama.com Or, you could also call us and leave a voicemail at (602) 888-FEZO  (3396)

We are on the road for back to back shows. Please expect some shipping delays while we are out of the studio. Dismiss