May 3, 2010

The Hei Tiki Fez

After making two prototypes it only took another two years and the great Spring Cleaning initiative to get around to making a few Hei Tikis for sale! Since this is the last of this particular fabric, we were only able to make 13 Hei […]
January 28, 2008

Hei Tiki Too!

It’s the return of the Hei Tiki fez. Actually this was another color test of the Hei Tiki on the green fabric. We’ve had it sitting in a box for a good long time now. Since we decided to go with the […]
June 4, 2007

Week 23 – The Honu Fez!

Here is my spin on the somewhat traditional Hawaiian Sea Turtle design. Of course it is a combination of Polynesian styles as only a haole like myself would think of as traditional, but I really enjoy exploring symbols that have lasted for […]
March 5, 2007

Week 10 – The Palm Prototype Fez!

I’ve had this fabric for a while now but wasn’t quite sure what to put on it. I love the texture of it and I knew the design needed to be something that would enhance that. Then came a request from Ginger […]

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