Optional Fez Vents

Optional Fez Vents

$ 5.00

Sold in Pairs

We are currently working on resolving a conflict with our Fez Options on the order pages. In the meanwhile you can place a separate order for vents here.

Please include a note on your order as to which fez the vents will be installed on.
This is very important if ordering multiple sets of vents and/or fezzes.

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Ever get a warm feeling and think you’ve got a personal weather system going on inside your fez? Well, now you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze across your head with our 1/4″ Mesh Venting.

The mess vents are ordered in pairs as an add-on to a fez and are installed in the fez at the time of purchase. There is also the option of having two pairs of vents installed if desired.