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An extra tassel can be ordered as an option on any fez or ordered on its own, however if you find yourself in need of a replacement or simply want to have some options, the tassels are easy swap out.

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Get yourself an extra tassel in a variety of colors or simply purchase a back-up in case you are a little too aggressive with your tassel spinning. Your tassel needs minimal care and feeding for a long life but they aren’t quite a durable as the actual fezzes are. We suggest keeping them clear of excessive humidity and remember that house cats are the natural enemy of fez tassels.

blk-tass_MED cop-tass_MED teal-tass_MED cth-tass wht-tass_MED pew-tass prp-tass red-tass_MED rus-tass gld-tass_MED
Black Copper Teal Cthulhu
White Pewter Purple Red Russet Gold