The Calavera Chapeau

The Calavera Chapeau

$ 55.00 $ 49.50

5 colors on Black Velvet

Limited sizes remain.
All sales are final.

Our new Dia de los Muertos inspired design on our unisex chapeau!


Select a size below to see available stock,
then select your preferred Tassel color.


Additional Tassel

Can’t decide which tassel to get? Get two!

Chapeau Venting

Add some venting to your chapeau.

A special version of our new Calavera design on our streamlined Chapeau!

The original Calavera Fez was released at the same time we were testing out a new hat style and we got a lot of requests to do a Calavera Chapeau. Now, as promised, we have our first Calavera Chapeau just in time for the Holiday!

We will be making these as fast as we can to keep up with demand and ship them out as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to place a back-order and reserve yours now.

This Fez-o-Chapeau features a Black Chrome tassel grommet and is pictured with a Red tassel.


As the chapeau style is designed to fit higher on one’s head, the sizing is different from that of our fezzes. Men tend to wear them lower and should go with the larger size chapeau. Some women prefer to wear them with hairpins or clips and can option for the smaller size.
Please double-check your size before ordering.
The Small Chapeau measures 21.5″ and is roughly equivalent to the XS/S/M fezzes.
The Medium Chapeau measures 23″ and is roughly equivalent to the M/L/XL fezzes.
The Large Chapeau measures 24.5″ and is roughly equivalent to the XL/2X/3X fezzes.
The XL Chapeau measures 26″ and is roughly equivalent to the 3X/4X fezzes.
Weight .68 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 in
Chapeau Size

, , ,

Tassel Color

, , , , , , , , ,

Our Chapeaus are sized differently than our fezzes so it is best if you measure your head before ordering. The easiest way to measure your head is to wrap a measuring tape around your noggin just above your ears – with TWO fingers under the tape (both fingers should be against your temple). If you don’t have a fabric measuring tape simply wrap a ribbon, a bit of string, or a cat5 cable around your head, mark where it overlaps and then measure the distance. Don’t pull the cord too tight, your fingers will let you feel when that happens.

If you measured
(less than or equal to)
Then you are most likely
Inches cm a Fez size of: a Chapeau size of:
22″ 55.9 Small Small
22.5″ 57.1 Medium Small*/Medium
23″ 58.4 Large Medium
23.5″ 59.7 X-Large Medium*/Large
24″ 61 2X-Large Large
24.5″ 62.2 3X-Large Large*/XL
25″ 63.5 4X-Large XL
25.5″ 64.8 5X-Large XL*
26″ 66 6X-Large
26.5″ 67.3 7X-Large

*worn with hair pins

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can email us or find us on the social networks.

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Some have found the whole ‘finger’ part a tad confusing – as an interested fez customer recently wrote in – and he had a very clever way to clarify it:

(head)8|      or     (head)oo|

RIGHT                                WRONG

Where the (   )  is your head, and the  |  is the tape.

Extra Tassels
Add alternate tassel colors to match your mood or grab a back-up in case your tassel meets an early demise.

Optional Fez Vents
Chapeaus don’t typically get vents but there are cases where extreme environments might justify it. In that case we recommend only ordering a single set of vents. Be sure to use the comment field at check-out to indicate that you want the vents installed on the chapeau. This is especially important when ordering fezzes at the same time.

Tassel Pins
Tame that tassel and keep it out of your eyes with one of these stylish Tassel Pins.

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