Ever get a warm feeling and think you’ve got a personal weather system going on inside your fez? Well, now you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze across your head with our 1/4″ Mesh Venting.

Finished in Brass, Copper, or Black Chrome – the meshed vent allows for air circulation in and out of your fez. We offer this as an add-on for your current fez purchase, and if you’d like, for any of our fezzes that you may have already purchased. Please contact us to let us know how many you’re shipping back, and once ‘vented’ we will ship your fezzes back to you, ready to be donned anew.

Venting is done in pairs, and the holes made are in-line from ear-to-ear, with an option of four vents per fez (but we find that two work quite well.)

Venting is typically ordered as an add-on to a fez and is not typically available as a separate product through our website.

We are temporarily using this to allow customers to order vents while we work out a bug in our normal Fez Options settings.

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