Kilt Man’s PVC Fez Rack Build

Scrolling through my Instagram feed during the holiday weekend I came across this post from Doug featuring his hand-crafted solution for displaying his growing fez collection. I immediately asked if I could share this on the blog. It is such a simple yet brilliant solution and I love how he attached it to the side of the bookshelf in his office.

Doug was kind enough to not only allow us to share it, but he also did a write-up about the project so you could make your own PVC fez display.

So, a couple of years ago, I am on Facebook and the Cthulhu fez scrolls across my feed.
I needed one. Well, maybe need is a strong word, but wanted one very badly.
Cthulhu was my gateway fez.
I recently acquired my 6th fez, the Naughty or Nice.
I did realize awhile ago I needed not only a way to store my fezzes but also display them. They are honestly some of the finest clothing items I own. They are fun and great conversation starters. (need to work on the ear flaps for us cold weather folks)
I spent some time trying to come up with the best way to show them off. I was thinking a small set of shelves but that would take up a lot of room.
Then the idea of 1/2″ PVC hit me. Easy to work with, inexpensive and versatile.
The only change I will make is removing the T fitting under the fezzes and using an actual coupling fitting.
I used 1/2″ schedule 40 PVC. The small pieces are 3 5/8″ long, the longer pieces are 7.5″ long. I used Popsicle sticks for the platforms. (I might replace these with plastic discs at some point)
Doug “Kilt Man” Johnson?

Thank you Doug for sharing your creation! If any of you out there have come up with a creative solution for displaying your fez collection let us know. I love sharing this sort of stuff.

If you are looking for a bookshelf solution, checkout my write-up on turning a simple microphone stand into a fez stand here.


  1. przxqgl says:

    i’ve got nine fez-o-rama fezzes now… i’m going to have to give this a try… 8)

  2. Joe says:

    This is a great idea. I already have a few of the mic stand version but the pvc rack will be joining my family soon.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. fezmonger says:

    For those interested in building a PVC fez rack but don’t want basic white, I suggest picking up some gaff tape to wrap the PVC with. I use it extensively for covering pipes in the Fez-o-booth and the great thing is if it gets damaged, you just peel and replace the tape. It even comes in a range of colors. It is more expensive than the average tape but worth it. carries some budget rolls.

  4. Douglas says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Makes my day.

    I might another spot to hold my Weird Al hat you see in the picture.

    Doug “kilt Man” Johnson

    • Joe says:


      I am in the middle of putting the Fez rack together but want to let you know that I used some old CD discs instead of the popsicle sticks and it worked out great. I haven’t decided where to hang it yet.

      Also, nice Puddles crown.

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