Gift Certificates

Spread the joy of the fez with a gift code!


We’re taking a hands-on approach to gift certificates to provide you with the best options possible. This will allow those of you that would prefer to give your gift in a physical form, such as a card, to do so. Simply purchase the amount of your choice below. Then we can either send you the gift code to deliver or forward it directly to the recipient of your choice.

Give the gift of fez in the way that suits you best.

  • Want to take a personalized approach and hand deliver your gift in a card? We’ve got you covered, just select “hand delivery” and we will forward you a unique one-time-use code that you can put in a card.
  • Prefer the easier automated system? Then select “send to recipient” and a conveniently cold, impersonal, automated email will be sent to directly to the recipient. You can even include a note to temper the aforementioned coldness without affecting the convenience! Your call.
  • Want to get a spare gift certificate but don’t know who it is going to yet? Just put TBD in the “Recipient’s Name” field and you can decide later who gets the code.

If you would like a gift code in an amount other than what you see above, contact us and we will create a special code for you.

Once you check out, we will process the code request and depending on your delivery preference, either you or the recipient will receive an email from us with a special redemption code.

You will also have the option of downloading a blank Gift Certificate PDF that you can print and fill out for hand delivery. This is just for show of course, as the gift code is the important thing.

We are on the road for back to back shows. Please expect some shipping delays while we are out of the studio. Dismiss