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March 10, 2006

another post

jeez, there have been long gaps in my productivity on this! Anyway, scored two more bamboo mats for a new surround for the extended cabinets. I had to check four places before finding anything (as well as a few web searches) so […]
March 8, 2006

Progress plus!

Forgot to point out that Tiny and Irk were also working on distressing some more skulls Sunday. These will be used as display stands for the fezzes… and whatever else we need. They already look fantastic and that is only with the […]
March 6, 2006


Made some headway yesterday with Smokin’ Joe’s help. We got most of the tops and bottoms of the displays cut and sanded with only a few mishaps. I’ve learned two things this weekend. The circular saw doesn’t cut as clean as the […]
March 4, 2006


Saturday Morning. While I wait for Irk and Ikabod to run their respective errands and arrive I will try to get the display case template done. I will be able to cut 8 decks and a dozen sides which will leave me […]
March 2, 2006


Gotta love the work week… One more day of paid labor and I can get back to my not-paid labor! Didn’t get as much done as I wanted to last week so now I have to play catch up to keep on […]
February 27, 2006

parts list

Display ring based on 8ft ring made of 12 sections. 6 sections to produce 180º. The Uberfez used 2 sections to cover a 90º opening based on a smaller diameter to accommodate the wall taper. Cases1/2″ MDF 4×8 sheet $17.89 enough to […]