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March 19, 2006

Weekend Four?

Whew, not much sleep to be had. Saturday was our annual Waffles of the Damned event. A great time was had and little work was done. On Sunday we managed to get some stuff done on what little sleep was had. Here […]
March 14, 2006


Worked in a bit more progress yesterday. 4 of the 6 bases now have folding sides. Had to stop working to sit in on a Skype meeting. I plan to get the hardware on prior to the weekend work sessions. This way […]
March 13, 2006

Sunday Re-cap

Yesterday was a very productive follow-up to Saturday. All of the sides were finish cut and beveled and such. Hinge placement was worked out and channels were routed into the bases and sides. Joe spent the day trimming down screws so we […]
March 11, 2006

Saturday Sawdust Factory

Cutting is going well. The plexi has been cut and sanded: First the rough cut with the circular saw The three sheets stacked with one of the tops as a template. Turns out the secret is double sided tape. I trimmed the […]
March 11, 2006

Weekend 3 Plan

Saturday: cut plexi attempt to clean up cuts already made finish cut sides this may require me to start putting legs on to work out which walls will need to be trimmed down. Sunday:do what I failed to do on Saturday…
March 10, 2006

another post

jeez, there have been long gaps in my productivity on this! Anyway, scored two more bamboo mats for a new surround for the extended cabinets. I had to check four places before finding anything (as well as a few web searches) so […]