The Fez-o-Blog

March 23, 2006


Well Joe and I put in a rather productive day today. It started with Joe rattling me out of bed and ended a few minutes ago at 8:30pm. The booth went from test fit to final fit on most of the pieces. […]
March 22, 2006


Well it could have gone worse… I decided to go for a wavy edge and couldn’t decide if it should be random or even.Ultimately I just started cutting with a Rotozip.Unfortunately only after trying to clean up the edge did I discover […]
March 22, 2006

Midweek Update

Well it is the middle of the week and far less has gotten done so far than I would have liked. Here you can see what was done on Sunday.We cut out a few areas for plexi to fit in. I like […]
March 19, 2006

Weekend Four?

Whew, not much sleep to be had. Saturday was our annual Waffles of the Damned event. A great time was had and little work was done. On Sunday we managed to get some stuff done on what little sleep was had. Here […]
March 14, 2006


Worked in a bit more progress yesterday. 4 of the 6 bases now have folding sides. Had to stop working to sit in on a Skype meeting. I plan to get the hardware on prior to the weekend work sessions. This way […]
March 13, 2006

Sunday Re-cap

Yesterday was a very productive follow-up to Saturday. All of the sides were finish cut and beveled and such. Hinge placement was worked out and channels were routed into the bases and sides. Joe spent the day trimming down screws so we […]

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