The Fez-o-Blog

April 2, 2006

32 days and counting

Today’s players: Troy, Mike, Irk and Maya. Assembled the booth for a final look. The tops were painted black just for the time being but they look so nice I may have to leave them black. Trimmed the edge of the bamboo. […]
April 1, 2006


No pictures today… not much to look at really. Troy put second coat on the cabinets… I re-did the base coats on the “Shamboo” Mostly I worked on new designs and embroidery.
March 26, 2006


Lots done already. Today’s cast: Joe, Tiny, Ikabod, Irk, Troy and me… your host. The cabinets got more paint The legs got primed, sanded and painted. Here you can see the metal pipes being turned into “Shamboo­”© After this first coat dries […]
March 25, 2006

Photoless Saturday -now with photo!

Forgot to take pictures so just the one today. Troy came over and we moved a good deal forward. All of the plexi was trimmed and flame polished. Almost all of the hardware was installed. Paint started on the cabinets and will […]
March 23, 2006


Well Joe and I put in a rather productive day today. It started with Joe rattling me out of bed and ended a few minutes ago at 8:30pm. The booth went from test fit to final fit on most of the pieces. […]
March 22, 2006


Well it could have gone worse… I decided to go for a wavy edge and couldn’t decide if it should be random or even.Ultimately I just started cutting with a Rotozip.Unfortunately only after trying to clean up the edge did I discover […]

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