The Fez-o-Blog

April 23, 2006


While we had many people over working on product and the Cult booth, a bit was done for the Fez-o-rama booth. The signage had one more sanding pass and the front side got it’s first coat of base paint. Many thanks to […]
April 22, 2006

12 days and counting

Actually little was done on the Fez-o-rama booth today. Most of the focus was on the Cult of the Eye projects. We had the blessing of Tofujoe traveling from Oakland for the day to oversee the disassembly of the Tiki Booth and […]
April 16, 2006

1st Sunday after the 1st Full Moon after the Spring Equinox

Well after getting a later start due to having breakfast with my lovely wife, my mother and my grandfather; we went back to work on the signage. Here you can see some more shaping done with a knife and Dremel then later, […]
April 15, 2006


Embroideries continue! On the booth side of things Troy and my Mom came over to work on a sign for the booth. What started as a broken windsurfing board is slowly being hacked into a sign. Troy worked up the design before […]
April 10, 2006


Went in search of stuff for the booth. Picked up raffia table skirting to use on either the front counter or as camoflage for product in the back. I did find one lamp that might work for a base for the backdrop […]
April 9, 2006


Today’s Players: Maya, Troy, Joe, Tiny and Irk. Joe started right in with working up possibilities for the booth’s backdrop. I was damned impressed with his use of crap laying about my home. He also spent some time considering gels for the […]

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