The Fez-o-Blog

May 8, 2006

Home Again

We’re back and truth be told the booth worked out great. I’m really happy with how it packs up. The backdrop worked out great. Lighting was a bit spotty but that was taken care of by a mad dash to Target. I’m […]
May 3, 2006

Retro-active posting! Yes. Despite not having posted about it, Sunday did indeed occur. No need to throw away your calendars, they still work. Most efforts were spent on finishing(?) touches on the sign and working on product. Now that we are in […]
April 29, 2006


While I spent the day working on product with the help of Maya, Caroline and Natalie, Joe was busy working out how to mount the Fez-o-rama sign for the booth. With Ikabod’s help it all went together rather easily. Tomorrow we will […]
April 24, 2006


The Sign got its first coat of color today: (picture to be added as soon as I take one) The idea is to make it look like a worn-out roadside attraction sign. The tricky part here is to make it look like […]
April 23, 2006


While we had many people over working on product and the Cult booth, a bit was done for the Fez-o-rama booth. The signage had one more sanding pass and the front side got it’s first coat of base paint. Many thanks to […]
April 22, 2006

12 days and counting

Actually little was done on the Fez-o-rama booth today. Most of the focus was on the Cult of the Eye projects. We had the blessing of Tofujoe traveling from Oakland for the day to oversee the disassembly of the Tiki Booth and […]

We are on the road to Phoenix Comicon. Please expect some shipping delays while we are out of the studio. Dismiss